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Energy Management


STS engineers are experts in maximising compressed air system efficiency. Our compressor Variable Speed Drive systems (VSD), can be retrofitted to most fixed speed units, offering significantly reduced operating costs and improved reliability throughout the machine life cycle.

Smooth Start

To compliment our VSD systems, Smooth start offers ‘soft’ start energy saving technology for compressor or vacuum pump motors where frequent stop/starts are common. With smooth, linear power delivery, starting current power consumption is reduced and long-term mechanical reliability improved. STS can supply starter panels to suit your specific requirements, covering a range of motor power options.

Flow Monitoring

From point-of-use flow verification, to supply and installation of the latest digital flow meters, STS can provide accurate air flow monitoring for any system. With trend logging of data, air leakage or machine performance issues are quickly identified allowing maximum system efficiency and energy savings.

Live Line Drilling

If system isolation is problematic, STS have the solution. Our engineers are trained and fully equipped to drill and attach isolation valve connections to compressed air lines operating at working pressure.

Remote Communication – Smooth Comm

SmoothComm & SmoothComm plus, offer real time remote monitoring of your compressed air system. With 4G/WiFi based technology, any alarm/fault messages are instantly transmitted directly to key personnel (or your service provider), by user defined SMS or Email message. The communication system allows remote monitoring of machine service hours with alarm notifications, preventing potentially costly breakdowns or loss of production.